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Made in India

Sarthika is designed for travelling in India. Keeping in the mind the requirements of Indian people.

And what suits the best in the Indian context.

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Freedom to Choose Your Driver

We choose our friends but why are we not allowed to choose our driver’s after all they are your friends too ?

Sarthika is one of the few apps in India which allows you to choose your own driver. Instead of driver being assigned by the app or the cab company the end-user is allowed to select the driver of their own choice.

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Affordable, Transparent and Simple Pricing

Our pricing is easy to understand and affordable for both drivers and end-users.

Instead of charging a commission we charge only a nominal app fee. This helps drivers provide their services at affordable prices to the customer.

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Enhanced Safety

Sarthika app allows you to track your friends and family with their phone number. You are always aware of the latest location of your friends and family members !

If you ever face any emergency you can also rely on our staff to track your loved ones for their safety.

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Sarthika for Drivers

Expand your business by getting your taxi listed on Sarthika. Reach out to more customers with easy and simple pricing.

Designed for affordability and simplicity for Indian People.

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